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Yandex.Disk is the client application for Yandex free online storage service
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Yandex.Disk is the client app for Yandex free online storage service. This service provides you with 10GB of virtual storage space for you to back up all your important files. Once stored in the cloud, you can access them from virtually any device with an Internet connection, as the developer provides client apps for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, as well as for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile phones.

Yandex.Disk works in a similar way to Google Drive and other cloud storage tools. The program allows you to start off with up to 10GB of free virtual space which is a very good amount, even though it does not reach the 15GB currently offered by Google Drive. Anyway, if you require more space, you can buy 10GB, 100GB, and 1TB packs of extra space at a cost of $1, $5, and $30 per month, respectively. Both the Web interface and the client desktop app offer you a bar that visually shows you the used and the available virtual space in your account.

The program installs an icon on the system tray area which provides you with access to all the functions it offers as well as to the settings window. There you can set the local folder to be synchronized with the online service, and start or stop the syncing service at any time. Besides, you can select whether the automatically created "Documents" and "Music" folders need to be synchronized with the online service, and whether to upload photo and video files to your virtual space automatically. Besides, you can configure the proxy settings, in case you need to do so to connect to the Internet.

Another equally helpful feature offered by Yandex.Disk is the file/folder sharing. You can select the local files or folders you want to share, and you will be provided with a public link that you can send to your friends and contacts. Then, they can use that link to download and enjoy your shared files, which may include your latest photos and videos. Of course, you are always in control, and it is you that decides who can access your files and when they can do it.

In short, Yandex.Disk is a powerful and versatile free online storage service which offers client apps for multiple platforms and operating systems. This program offers very similar functionality and features to other much more popular equivalent services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Works like any other similar service.
  • Offers a full range of client apps for different platforms and operating systems.
  • Includes a bar that visually shows you your used and available virtual space.
  • Allows you to upload your photo and video files automatically.
  • Lets you configure the proxy settings.
  • Allows you to share your files and folders in a smart way


  • Offers less free online storage space than other similar services like Google Drive
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