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Yandex.Disk is a neat and handy online file storage application
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I’m an avid user of online file storage tools like Dropbox or Google Drive as thanks to their file synchronization feature I can easily transfer files between various devices and computers. They basically spare me of the need to carry around an USB flash drive in order to move files among different locations. I also appreciate the fact that they represent a viable backup solution thanks to which I may rest assured that my important files are always secure. In terms of general features they are quite alike and a clear differentiation is hard to make, a distinctive aspect is the disk space that this kind of services offer. The disk space put at your disposal is also what makes Yandex.Disk an attractive online file storage solution, worth of being taken into consideration next to acknowledged names like Dropbox or Google Drive. It starts with only 3 GB of disk space, which may not seem like much, but by installing it you get 3 more, and by uploading any file another 2. If you use the “tell a friend” option you get another 2 Gigabytes and you just got a total of 10 GB at your disposal, which is more than Dropbox or Google Drive offer, even after you use similar referring option to gain more disk space.

The interface of Yandex.Disk is neat and easy-to-use. It somehow reminds me of Google Drive: pretty much the same options can be accessed from a simple tray menu. It also lets you choose which stored files you want to share and with whom. In conclusion, Yandex.Disk looks great to me and I see no reason why people shouldn’t choose it over the acknowledged online file sharing programs.

Margie Smeer
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  • Offers more storage disk space for free in comparison with similar services.
  • Neat and simple interface.
  • Includes file sharing options


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